No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch – Ann Hodgman

In this essay, Ann Hodgman describes her experience with personally tasting various types of dog food. Out of curiosity, she tried everything from Milk-Bone treats to lumpy, bloody canned meat. She graphically tells of and rates each brand and flavor. In her description, she uses humor because eating dog food is a humorous subject. If she decided to take a more serious approach, people would be more repulsed by her actions. Because she jokingly speaks of her experience, people don’t think of her as completely insane, although it isn’t very clear to me why she chose to go through with this.

“I turned on the skillet. While I waited for it to heat up I pulled out a shred of cheese-colored material and palpated it. Again, like Play-Doh, it was quite malleable. I made a little cheese bird out of it; then I counted to three and ate the bird” (Hodgman 177).

Ann cooks and eats the dog food in this humorous manner throughout the entire passage. She is not pleased with most of the foods, and only content with a few. There was only one dog food that she couldn’t bring herself to try.

“Alas, it was a can of Mighty Dog called Prime Entrée with Bone Marrow. The meat was dark, dark, brown, and it was surrounded by gelatin that was almost black. I knew I would die if I tasted it, so I put it outside for the raccoons” (Hodgman 179).


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