Life On a Rock

ImageMy latest piece of artwork was created over this previous summer (2013). I started working on it at the beginning of June and finished it a few weeks later. It was inspired by Kenny Chesney’s newest album which is called “Life On a Rock.” I didn’t love the music on the album at first, but I loved the album cover, so I decided to try to duplicate it. The design was intimidating, but I enjoyed the challenge most of the time. I ran into troubles throughout, but overall, I am very proud of this piece. To produce the final product, I used watercolors, colored pencils, ink, and crayons, and I divided the work into sections. Most of the sections are colored pencil, and the background is mostly watercolor. It ended up taking about three weeks because I only allowed myself to do half of a section per day. I wanted it to be perfect, and I believe it’s the closest my artwork has ever come to being just that. When it was finally completed, I framed the picture and gave it to my boyfriend for our two year anniversary. He loved it as much as I did. This piece means more to me than any other.


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