Blue Mustang

MustangI drew this mustang during my junior year of high school.  I was enrolled in a painting class that required a weekly sketch book drawing of whatever we wanted to create. The only requirement was that the teacher had to be persuaded, just by looking, that we spent at least an hour on each piece. This was one of my first sketch book drawings for that class which explains why it isn’t my best work. I used cheap oil pastels to fill in the outline I sketched in pencil. It took me well over an hour, like all of my artwork did that year. The mustang subject was inspired by my obsession with mustangs at that time. I was very close to getting my license and I was involved in the beginning stages of purchasing a car for myself. My sudden attention to cars made me fall in love with mustangs, but particularly bright blue ones. I ended up purchasing a tan colored Ford Explorer, but I’ll forever have this picture to refer to when deciding on a future car purchase.


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