I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider


I agree with Ellen Laird’s assessment of Internet learning and classroom-based learning. In her essay, “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet-Service Provider”, she talks about the differences between teaching classes online and teaching face-to-face in a classroom setting. In an online class, she says that her students expect less work, disregard deadlines, want instantaneous feedback, and treat her like a peer instead of a figure with authority. She says that her online students have little to no empathy for her personal issues, such as family funerals, and that they also don’t think twice about writing inappropriate or offensive papers because of an anonymity illusion. I have never participated in an online course, but I can see how all of this could be true. Students can be lazy, offensive, etc. in a classroom, too, but I believe it is more prevalent online. I imagine that online classes don’t feel as real and  important to the students, and the lack of a face-to-face connection with the teacher also probably has consequences. I think that classroom-based learning is a more efficient option, but due to certain people’s circumstances, online schooling is necessary, too.


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