lovethe kiss

Both Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture and Auguste Rodin’s “The Kiss” sculpture convey love, but in different ways. The LOVE sculpture expresses an unspecific kind of love, while “The Kiss” communicates lust between a man and a woman. When the public in New York City views the LOVE statue, each person can interpret it differently. To one person, the sculpture might induce thoughts of a significant other, but to other people, the sculpture might cause thoughts of their love of ice cream, NYC, their family, their dog, or just love in general. While viewing “The Kiss”, people would almost certainly only think of a significant other. Another difference between these sculptures is their locations. “LOVE” is located on a busy street in NYC, but “The Kiss” is hidden behind the walls of a museum. Both seem to be in appropriate locations. I think that LOVE does a better job of conveying love because it is in the eye of the public, and it is open to interpretation. There is not just one definition of love, and people should be allowed to love almost whatever they want. Everyone can relate to the sculpture of the word “love” and apply it to their life, but not everyone can relate to the relationship depicted in “The Kiss”.


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