Anything But Mine

photophotoThis is my second and final piece of artwork inspired by Kenny Chesney. I created it last February as a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend. I had spent the month leading up to Valentine’s Day in a desperate search for the perfect, creative Valentine craft. I decided on this idea because “Anything But Mine” is one of his favorite songs, and I had a spare canvas. After some brief planning, I got to work. First, I searched the internet for pictures of Kenny Chesney, pictures of his album covers, lyrics to his songs, and his sheet music. I printed everything I found, cut it all out, and glued all my clippings randomly to my white canvas board. I kept printing and gluing until the whole board was covered. After that, I used blue painter’s tape to cut out my own letter “stickers” because I couldn’t find any that were the proper size at the store. This was the most difficult part because I had to make sure each letter was a comparable size. When all my letters were sufficient, I carefully pressed them onto the board. Then, I used a can of blue spray paint to spray over the letters and the background. When the paint dried, I slowly peeled off each individual tape letter. When every letter was off, my board was done. The finished product is pictured on the right. I think it turned out relatively well, but I will change my process if I repeat this project. Next time, I will be more careful to place the background images in specific places so that all the pictures will be seen. Also, next time, I will make sure to find actual stickers and some type of spray at the craft store that will “laminate” my clippings so they will stay flat. Overall, I’m proud of this project, and I had a blast creating it. I’m planning on making something similar in the future.


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