Davy Jones

photoSophomore year of high school, I was given the assignment to re-create a picture of Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. It was the first assignment in the class, so I wanted to make sure I impressed the teacher. Using only a regular #2 pencil, I spent most of my weekend drawing what is pictured on the left. I was extremely proud of the finished product when it was completed, and I was even more proud when I got to class and saw everyone else’s drawings. Nobody spent nearly as much time on theirs as I spent on mine. Since I was unsure of the teacher’s grading and expectations, I had given it my best shot, while others seemed to have spent less than one hour on their drawings. The teacher was very impressed by mine and gave me the only 100% in the class. On that day, she became and still is my favorite teacher of all time. This drawing means a lot to me because it was my first assignment in my first and favorite advanced art class.


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