Reading Visual Texts


Why was the visual created?

It was created to advertise Heinz ketchup. It is supposed to make the viewer want to buy and use Heinz as opposed to other brands.

What kind of audience is it aimed at?

It is aimed at all people who like ketchup.

How would you characterize the visual?

This visual is an advertisement.

What is the visual’s most important image?

The most important image is the bottle of ketchup that is made of tomatoes. This is the main focus of the visual.

How is the blank space used to emphasize (or de-emphasize) individual images?

The blank space is the same color as the image which makes the viewer focus only on the bottle.

How does the use of color work to emphasize or (de-emphasize) individual images?

Most of the advertisement is red which makes it very focused. The text on the bottom and the label on the bottle stand out because they are white against the red background.

What objects are depicted in the visual?

The main and only object of the visual is the ketchup bottle. This bottle is made up of tomato slices to show that Heinz ketchup is simple and natural.

What is the function of the words in the visual? What is the relationship between the visual’s words and images?

The words in the visual tell the viewer that Heinz ketchup is grown, not manufactured. This makes the product seem more desirable because most people prefer natural foods. The words tell that the ketchup is “grown”, and the image displays the bottle made out of tomatoes which are grown and made into Heinz ketchup.





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