thDuring Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, a specific poster emerged to become one of the most widespread and recognizable political visuals in recent American history. This HOPE poster successfully represented everything Obama wanted to stand for and most likely played a role in his winning of the election. It was an effective visual for the campaign because it presented Obama as a great potential leader for our country. He is posed like a hero with the viewers looking up to him. This angle creates power and depicts Obama as a strong and capable candidate. The colors that make up the poster also play an important role. It is entirely red, white, and blue, which represent the U.S.A. and give the picture a patriotic feel. Since Obama’s skin is also red, white, and blue, this poster eliminates the racial controversy. It shows that skin color should not matter when it comes to being an American President. The poster was very influential because it represented Barack Obama well and is such an interesting design. Each component is simple, yet meaningful, and the word “HOPE” at the bottom tells of something that we all desire.


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