Gargoyle Still Life

photoThis is a picture of a still life I completed in my 10th grade drawing class. My teacher set up a lot of random objects on a table in our classroom, and we were assigned to pick a portion of the arrangement to draw. I chose what I thought to be the most challenging aspect: the gargoyle. This was the first time I had ever worked with the conté medium, so it really was a challenge at the beginning until I learned all the tricks. (Conté is similar to a mix between a black crayon and a charcoal stick). This drawing took me a very long time and because of this, I had full intentions of just finishing the left side and cutting the paper to crop around the gargoyle. My teacher encouraged me to complete the entire piece, though, even though it made me fall behind in the class. I’m glad that she urged me to continue on because this artwork was displayed in an art show. I am very proud of this drawing.


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