Melted Crayon Art

photoThis is a piece of artwork that I made sometime during my senior year of high school. It was a ton of fun to create, and I recommend the project to anyone looking for something fun and easy. I started by looking up an image of a couple standing in the rain on Google, and then I drew the silhouette on a canvas board using a Sharpie. Then, I searched my house for crayons until I had enough to cover the top of the board. I glued the crayons across the top, let it dry, and then, I got out a blow dryer and used it to melt the crayons using the warmest setting. I taped plastic wrap over the silhouette so that crayon wouldn’t melt under the umbrella. The melting took about 5 minutes. I think this turned out okay, but I will make sure to use a different technique to protect the silhouette if I repeat this project.

A different take on the project:


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