Dove Real Beauty Sketches

DoveRealBeautyI have seen Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” ad before today, so I already had an opinion before watching it again and reading jazzylittledrops’ post. I think that overall it is a harmless advertisement that simply meant to make women feel more beautiful. In my opinion, this ad does not discriminate against race, age, or certain features. It might have been more effective to include a wider variety of women, but I do not think the ad is offensive in any way. Though most of the women are white, there are some African American, Asian, and Latino women shown, too. This ratio properly represents the target audience. Because the ad is televised in the United States, most of the viewers are Caucasian.  I believe that jazzylittledrops is overreacting. Dove did not mean to anger anyone or hurt any feelings. They meant to do the opposite. The ad’s sole purpose is to make women feel better about their appearances. It succeeds in making women believe they are more beautiful than they think.


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