Essay #4 Topic Ideas


I am having a little bit of trouble deciding on a topic for Essay #4, but I think I have narrowed it down to a few choices. I’d rather not talk about the death penalty, gay marriage, the right to bear arms, or the legalization of marijuana because most of the class will be writing about these topics, and I’ve written about them already in high school. I am leaning towards recycling, the emphasis on standardized tests, or embryonic stem cell research. I would argue that recycling is effective and worth our time and effort, or I would argue that colleges do place too much emphasis on standardized testing. I am not sure of my stance concerning embryonic stem cell research, but I’d like to read about the topic and learn more. I think that the recycling topic could easily relate to Lindenwood because we barely recycle here and that should be changed. I work in the cafeteria, and it is shocking to see all the recyclable items that we throw in the trash. The standardized testing topic would also be easy to relate to Lindenwood because we are a college that has a specific ACT score that must be met for admittance. The stem cell topic would be more difficult to relate specifically to Lindenwood, but it really affects the whole world. I will keep thinking about the pros and cons of each topic and try to make a final decision soon.


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