I Want a Wife

woman-cookingIn Judy Brady’s essay called “I Want a Wife”, she rants about all the things wives do for their husbands and tells of how everyone could benefit from having a wife. She characterizes the 1972 wife by listing all of the duties wives were responsible for at that time. Very much of the essay describes modern wives, too. She talks about how wives take care of the children, wash the clothes, keep track of appointments, and clean. The wife in the essay also cooks, hosts guests, stays faithful, and meets sexual needs. This description of duties also applies to today’s wives, but to a lesser extent because modern women have to go to work, too. Today, there are more equal roles between husband and wife because women are being considered more and more equal to men. In the average family, both husband and wife go to work, and also, both take care of the home.


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