Shadow Box

photo 4Since I have been posting a lot more drawings and paintings than DIY projects, I decided to show my latest project. This one required more money than artistic ability, but I think it is a creative idea nonetheless. I came across this shadow box idea a long time ago on Pinterest, and I stored it in the back of my mind until a couple of weeks ago when I thought to make it for my boyfriend for Christmas. I bought the 8 x 11 shadow box at Michaels for around 12 dollars because it was on sale. (Normally, they cost around 18-30 dollars depending on the size.) I then looked everywhere for stickers and paper associated with ticket stubs, but I had a lot of trouble finding what I had in mind. Instead, I settled for just gold stickers to spell out “MEMORIES”. I may add more decoration, but I think the simple design is what he would prefer. To start off his collection, I pinned some tickets to the back wall, and I just threw the others in to settle wherever. As we go to more events, he can add more tickets until it is completely full. I will probably make a ticket shadow box for myself after Christmas, and I will make sure it much more creative. The possibilities for this project are endless.


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