During English 150, I learned how to write clear, organized essays and how to edit and revise them into final drafts. These skills will help me throughout the rest of college and will also be useful in my career. I think this class was worthwhile because it refreshed my memory of how to use sources, complete a works cited page, and organize an academic paper. I took English all four years of high school, but last year, I took a literary class and a creative writing class. Taking English 150 was beneficial because it helped remind me of proper MLA format and of certain grammar rules that I did not go over during Senior year. I think that I have changed as a writer since the beginning of this class. I am now better at organizing my papers and better at meeting assignment requirements. I also like writing a little bit more than I did before. English 150 was a tedious class at times, but I am thankful that I had a nice and organized teacher.


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