Under the Sea

photo 2This is definitely one of my strangest pieces of artwork. For the assignment, we were instructed to bring in a collection of toys from home and incorporate them all into a drawing. I have no idea why I chose to draw an underwater hourglass or why I made half of the picture look like a grid, but this was the final product of my creativity. It was a lot of fun to color because the colors are so vibrant, but it took a really long time to complete. I recommend this project to anyone who has trouble deciding on a subject while drawing. Just gather up a handful of random household items and see what it leads to.


A modest Proposal

we_eat_babiesIn Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, he suggests a solution to rid Ireland of poverty in the 1700’s. His solution involves eating babies because they are expensive and are unable to work for the family’s welfare. I am not offended by this proposal. I think it is humorous because that is clearly how his proposal was intended to come across. He says that if his plan went into action, women would love their babies more because they would be able to sell them for money, and men would not beat their pregnant wives because the babies in their wombs would be worth something. I was surprised by the content of this piece, but I think it is actually an effective argument. Because the proposal is so ridiculous, it shows that Ireland does not have many options and really needs help from the British.


Paper Bags

photo 1This was my first attempt at using charcoal. My teacher set up a still life with only a few paper bags, turned a bright lamp toward the bags, and turned off all the other classroom lights. This was a fun project because the subject was simple, but the medium was somewhat difficult. The charcoal was not easy to work with at first because it smeared a lot and was really messy, but I eventually got it under control. I think this was a really good project for introducing charcoal because of the simple still life setup. This piece is not all that exciting, but I like it nonetheless.

Charcoal drawing tips: http://www.artinstructionblog.com/charcoal-drawing-basics-techniques-for-beginners


Skip Schumaker

photoThis painting is once again from my junior year painting class. This was our final painting, but it isn’t my best. I used water color on a very big piece of water color paper. The subject is Skip Schumaker, who was my favorite baseball player for many years. He played for the Cardinals until this season when he was traded to the Dodgers. I am currently without a favorite player because I can’t root for anyone who isn’t a Cardinal. This painting is not finished like most of my others. I would like to paint more Skip Schumakers on both sides and add more lines to simulate motion. If I ever return to this painting to refine and complete it, I’d love to frame it to hang in my parent’s restaurant or in our basement.

Skip Schumaker:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skip_Schumaker


I Want a Wife

woman-cookingIn Judy Brady’s essay called “I Want a Wife”, she rants about all the things wives do for their husbands and tells of how everyone could benefit from having a wife. She characterizes the 1972 wife by listing all of the duties wives were responsible for at that time. Very much of the essay describes modern wives, too. She talks about how wives take care of the children, wash the clothes, keep track of appointments, and clean. The wife in the essay also cooks, hosts guests, stays faithful, and meets sexual needs. This description of duties also applies to today’s wives, but to a lesser extent because modern women have to go to work, too. Today, there are more equal roles between husband and wife because women are being considered more and more equal to men. In the average family, both husband and wife go to work, and also, both take care of the home.


Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions

Elizabeth Cady Stanton said this during the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848: “The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman…” She then went on to list several areas where women were not treated fairly. In modern times, we have overcome many of these issues. Currently, women can run for office, have women representatives in the government, earn wages, and own property. Women today can also stand up to their husbands, have a fair divorce, and obtain an education. Even though our country has made many advances, women are still not equal to men. Women lose job promotions and elections just because of their gender. They also cannot be prominent church figures in some religions, and they are still thought of as inferiors by some men.


Essay #4 Topic Ideas


I am having a little bit of trouble deciding on a topic for Essay #4, but I think I have narrowed it down to a few choices. I’d rather not talk about the death penalty, gay marriage, the right to bear arms, or the legalization of marijuana because most of the class will be writing about these topics, and I’ve written about them already in high school. I am leaning towards recycling, the emphasis on standardized tests, or embryonic stem cell research. I would argue that recycling is effective and worth our time and effort, or I would argue that colleges do place too much emphasis on standardized testing. I am not sure of my stance concerning embryonic stem cell research, but I’d like to read about the topic and learn more. I think that the recycling topic could easily relate to Lindenwood because we barely recycle here and that should be changed. I work in the cafeteria, and it is shocking to see all the recyclable items that we throw in the trash. The standardized testing topic would also be easy to relate to Lindenwood because we are a college that has a specific ACT score that must be met for admittance. The stem cell topic would be more difficult to relate specifically to Lindenwood, but it really affects the whole world. I will keep thinking about the pros and cons of each topic and try to make a final decision soon.